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Downloader und Power Adblocker - All in one!

Use SmartTube Extreme to convert and download every YouTube™ video into your desired format. The plug-in is also able to block every kind of advertisement, like ads within the video or even advertisement that is placed on the website.

Mozilla Firefox

Download the SmartTube Extreme plug-in for your Firefox browser for free



YouTube Video with Downloader

Video and audio downloader below every YouTube™ video

You can find the SmartTube downloader directly below every YouTube™ video, where you can also choose if you would like to download the video as an audio file (e.g. MP3) or a video file (e.g. MP4) and in which quality. Enjoy all the features unlimited and for free.

YouTube Video with Advertisement Banner over it

No more ads!

In most of the YouTube™ videos you will find advertisement that will be displayed before or even during the video, which you can’t avoid. This is finally over now. Use the SmartTube Extreme plug-in to completely remove advertisements from videos or even hide ads that appear all around the website, so you can start to enjoy watching videos again.

With SmartTube, the free YouTube™ Downloader and Converter, the world's largest network media library is available to you without any restrictions! Advertising-free, fast and secure - try it yourself!